Pepsi Thinks Bugs Are The Snack Of The Future

Pepsi has been known for staying ahead of the game when it comes to predicting our snacks. That's why the brand is so hugely popular. But, are they right about this?

CNBC reports that Indra Nooyi, Pepsi’s CEO, feels certain that bugs will be the snack of the future. She says, “the hottest thing is eating crickets.”

While she was certainly correct when she reportedly said that we’d all go on a health food craze, this bug forecast sounds kind of gross. She believes the reason it will grow on us is because we will soon be looking for cheap and quick sources of protein, and what do you know? That’s where crickets come in.

Cricket snacks are already appearing, and some snacks, like Bitty Foods’ cookies, are even made with cricket flour. Is that protein-heavy flour? That might be worth a try if you’re cutting carbs...You just have to get past the whole bugs-in-your-food thing.

Nooyi predicts that cricket chips and other bug-related snacks won’t become mainstream for a while, but that it will happen. Pepsi has to plan pretty far in advance, so it’s only natural that Nooyi is making a prediction about something that’s not quite happening tomorrow. Their forecasts come out in waves.

"One year, three year, five year, ten year: we have different people looking at different horizons, because if you believe in the ten year horizons and what we are seeing, some of the weirdest food and beverage habits are showing up," says Nooyi. Basically, her point is that even if we aren’t prepared for the new trends, Pepsi (and of course, their competitors) has to stay ahead of them. 

Based on the fact that they accurately predicted today’s trend toward healthier foods and less junk foods, she’s probably on to something. I hate to admit that though, because the last thing I want in my cookies or chips are bits of crickets. I think I’ll do like Nooyi and stick with vegetarian protein options.