PhD Student Documents A Month Of Eating Only Pizza

Does anybody else remember the huge uproar that erupted after Congress declared that pizza was officially a vegetable in 2011?

To be fair, that decision was really more about whether tomato paste could be considered a vegetable, and if so, just how much tomato paste equated to a serving of vegetables, but I digress. While some people were outraged over the controversy, others jokingly used it as an excuse to eat pizza -- and lots of it.

It's a health food if it's a vegetable, right?

Well, maybe. At least one person out there is trying to find out, however.

PhD candidate Molly has started a blog called "A Month Of Only Pizza," which documents her journey of consuming only pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day for an entire month.

It's sort of like "Super Size Me," only she's allowed to consume snacks that aren't pizza-fied in between meals if she so chooses.

The journey began on April 10, 

"I have a food science education with a little bit of nutrition. I have always thought that pizza has been given a bad rap and I intend to show that you can eat a balanced diet and maintain and/or improve measurements (weight, body fat, blood pressure, etc.) on a diet of pizza for every meal. By the way, I love pizza," Molly wrote on the About section of her pizza blog.

So basically, she's out to prove that pizza can be a central part of a nutritious and mindful diet. However, she does admit that the pizzas she is consuming are primarily homemade, with a variety of vegetable toppings, while also skipping out on meats and some cheeses. Additionally, she has been swapping out some meals with snacks.

Molly has been documenting how much each pizza costs, as well as how many slices of pizza she consumes per meal, the fluctuations in her weight, her exercise routine, what foods her snacks consist of, and how she physically feels at the end of every meal and day.

As of April 19, Molly claims on her blog that she has not yet tired of her pizza. You can follow her progress here.