Philadelphia Cream Cheese Unveils Dips with Tortilla Chips

Philadelphia Cream Cheese Unveils Dips with Tortilla Chips

Philadelphia Cream Cheese truly makes everything better, and now you can have that creamy goodness on-the-go! Long gone are the days of having to host a whole group of people at your house to justify making your favorite tasty Philadelphia Dip. Sometimes you have a craving on a random Tuesday afternoon, and you don’t want to have to share anyway. Now you don’t have to!


The new item on the market from Philadelphia is a cream cheese based dip and then crunchy chips for dipping, all in convenient personal size packaging! It makes the perfect snack to take in the car as you’re rushing out the door, or enjoy as a snack with a glass of wine when you get home from a long day. This may remind you of the breakfast style packs Philadelphia rolled out a few years ago that came with bagel crisps and featured their breakfast cream cheese favorites (strawberry, brown sugar, cinnamon, etc), but these are much more savory and better for snacking, but ya know, if you want to eat it for breakfast too, you do you!

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A few of the yummy choices include spicy buffalo celery dip with tortilla chips, jalapeno cheddar dip with tortilla chips, and spinach and artichoke dip with pita chips. These snack size portions allow you to give a new dip a try, without having to whip up a whole batch! That coupled with the fact that there are just $2.19 each, adds up to a super deal!

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