Pickle-Flavored Beer Is Here! (Photo)

Say what you will about pickles, pickle-flavored this-and-thats nevertheless find their way to liquor aisles (dill pickle vodka), retail shelves (pickle-flavored lip balm, pickle-scented candles), and grocery stores (pickle-flavored potato chips, ice pops, hard candy). The most recent creation to come out of the pickle movement is the dill pickle beer.

The Dill Pickle Ale is the brainchild of Minneapolis-based Barley John's Brewing Co., which pleased many pickle eaters at the Minnesota State Fair. There's serious dill drama going on in these beer steins with horseradish and spices kicking things up, and lots of subtle flavors that had fairgoers giving two thumbs up to Barley John's owner, John Moore.

"Giggles Campfire Grill asked us to make a dill pickle beer for the state fair," Moore said in an email to Today Food. "I wanted the beer to be a beer first, not a flavored concoction 'fruit punch' beverage. We wanted an awesome beer you could drink several of and still not get tired of the flavor," he continued.

At the Minnesota Fair, dill pickle brews were served with havarti cheese garnishes and a mini pickle, and the consensus came back with glowing reviews!

The dill-licious brew was made with light, American-style ale, according to Popsugar, which is usually a "easy-to-drink" kind of beer. The divide is usually clear; there's pickle lovers and pickle haters. Haters should give this beer a chance because the ale is said to be only subtle and does not overpower the beer.

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And a helpful tip to anyone holding a cheap lager that's gone unattended for far too long -- add a pickle! This tip comes straight to you by the beer enthusiasts of Esquire: If you stick a pickle in your beer it'll spice up that lager. Joe McClure of McClure's Pickles said to Esquire, "Pickles are the perfect snack: cucumbers soaked in evil. It complements the lager because of the slight vinegar and salt notes that get picked up."

Pickle up your beer, is the takeaway here! It's the perfect bar snack and now, a crunchy snack to munch on after the last sip. Save the best for last.