Pillsbury's Stuffed Waffles Are A Dream Come True (Photo)

I'm not quite sure when breakfast became such a vital and celebrated mealtime that people started creating all-in-one breakfast hybrids, acceptably served breakfast, lunch and even dinnertime.

Nowadays, a waffle is no longer just a waffle. A biscuit, no longer a biscuit. New recreations of breakfast classics appear and reappear with more toppings and more ways to consume an entire breakfast plate into a single taco, pocket, biscuit or whatever edible pouch available!

The Crunchwrap was the brainchild of Taco Bell representatives searching for a way to eat tacos in the early morning, and now you can eat your fill of eggs, hash browns, sausage, bacon or steak all in a convenient crunchy tortilla wrap. This is the golden age of fast food breakfast.

Fast food places are now open all day for breakfast. Taco Bell's extended breakfast menu captures perfectly the ethos surrounding fast-and-quick breakfast food, "Breakfast will never the same." Exactly. 

Now, to add to the conversation about breakfast pockets, is the new Pillsbury maple-flavored waffle pocket; not quite a sandwich, not quite burrito. It's a waffle now made into a pocket to hold all the breakfast essentials.

Three reasons to say yes to Pillsbury's stuffed waffles: sausage, egg and cheese. The usual breakfast trio (usually graced on a plate separately) is stuffed deliciously and conveniently into a maple-flavored waffle pocket to create an almost sinful breakfast pocket/sandwich/burrito.

Just like how a Hot Pocket plays a vital role in the typical college student's diet, the Pillsbury stuffed waffles will do the same for anyone on the run for something quick and delicious. The new stuffed waffles ($3) are already available exclusively at all 7-Eleven stores, where you can pick one up and heat it in the store.

This is perfect meal for anyone who wants everything, because these maple-flavored waffle pockets are loaded. Layers upon layers of sausage, egg and melted cheese go perfectly with the sweet maple-flavored waffles.

I can bet these new waffles will live up to Pillsbury's reputation -- being the king of the perfectly fluffy and flaky crescent rolls, among other things.