Pink Prosecco-Flavored Cheese Is A Millennial's Dream (Photo)

Pink Prosecco-Flavored Cheese Is A Millennial's Dream (Photo)

You can't say you didn't see it coming … It was only a matter of time before someone figured it out. Prosecco and cheese belong as one, not to be sold separately.

Prosecco was all the rave this year; if you weren't drinking 40s of rose wine, you missed the mark this past summer. It was every Instagrammer's drink of choice. If you did drink bubbly in varying hues of pink, then step this way for the match-made cheese pairing: Pink Prosecco Cheese. And it is befittingly colored in a vibrant "millennial pink."

The Great British Cheese Company will add Pink Prosecco Cheese to its line of flavored Waxed Cheese Truckles, a collection that includes tasty and questionable cheese ensembles.

The U.K.-based cheese purveyor explained to Pretty52 that the wine-based cheese was inspired by the Christmas classic Wensleydale cheese with cranberries (a Yorkshire cheese made from cow and sheep milk). Wensleydale cheese is crumbly and milky while the cranberry's acidity cuts through to produce a balanced flavor, says the cheese company's website. It's cheese for the sweet tooth. (And for those "feet-averse," Wensleydale cheese is mild; breathe easy.)

So the Great British Cheese Company set out on a Great British quest to create their own spin on Wensleydale cheese, but with Prosecco and Raspberry to get that distinct savory, sweet and acidic flavor combination.

And succeed, they did. The truckle is a trendy "millennial pink"; and by appearance only, it looks like it will be a hit (pictured below).

Pink Prosecco

Individual truckles are sold in U.K. Christmas markets and go for about $5 in the U.S. (You can order truckles online at the official site here.)

While you're browsing through their cheese stock, the cheese company also sells peculiar truckle flavors. Whiskey, Sticky Toffee, Peri Peri, Chili and Lime, and Ale and Mustard are among the odd cheese fare with more colorful waxes than we're used to.

You could say The Great British cheeses are all that is necessary for a picture-perfect Instagram post of an aesthetically pleasing cheese board. And just in time for the holidays; consider introducing your American friends to a great British plate of Wensleydale.