Pizza Hut Is Giving You Half-Off Pizzas!

Love Pizza Hut? Or maybe it's just your cheat-weekend and pizza's on your mind. If so, you're in luck! Pizza Hut is running a half-off promotion through the weekend of May 5 to May 7. Don't miss out!

Brand Eating reports that this offer allows for half-off the price of any pizza you order online through May 7. Did you catch that? It has to be an online order. That part's important. To get an idea of just how much your pizza would run thanks to this promotion, Brand Eating kindly supplied the following price information:

-- Large Cheese Pizza - $6.50

-- Large Pepperoni Pizza (1 topping) - $7.37

-- Meat Lover's Pizza (specialty pizza) - $9.00
    (Stuffed Crust is $1 extra on a large pizza with the discount.)

If you're likely to miss the 50 percent off deal (or just planning on going on a pizza binge that will last longer than through May 7), there are some other Pizza Deals cash in on.

For example, you can try the $7.99 deal for a large two-topping pizza. EatDrinkDeals reports that his offer is also online-only, and available for a limited time. You can get the large two-topping for $7.99 deal, or opt for the large specialty pizza for $10.99 instead. Just click "Order Now" on Pizza Hut's website or app. The deal is good for both the takeout and delivery options.

Other deals include two medium pizzas for $6.99 each, $10 for any large carryout pizza (online orders only), or $5 sides with any pizza purchase. You can find any of these deals on the website and you don't even need a coupon code!

Based on the stipulations of these deals, it looks like Pizza Hut is really trying to push their online ordering. I guess they want us to see just how easy and convenient ordering from them can be. I'm all about easy and convenient! Looks to me like it's going to be a weekend filled with pepperoni pizzas.

Since the pizza deals are so good, that leaves lots of extra room for the brownies and breadsticks. It's the weekend, so bring on the carbs!