Pizza Hut Will Soon Deliver Booze To Your Door

Name a more iconic duo than pizza and beer … I'll wait.

The combo of savory carbs -- one with crisp, boozy bubbles and the other with thick, greasy cheese -- really is a match made in heaven. Now, you can get it delivered straight to your door from select Pizza Hut locations.

"We're really uniquely positioned to be able to offer this service because many of our restaurants already serve beer and wine," explained Stacy Lynn Bourgeois, Pizza Hut's director of brand marketing, according to a QSR press release. "We were fortunate to have a system that would make it that easy, and really allow us to offer consumers oven-hot pizza and cold beer."

The Yum! Brands chain will start by offering six-packs of Budweiser, Bud Light, Shock Top and Four Peaks Brewing's Kilt Lifter, available to add for carryout and delivery, both online and over the phone.

"We've been laser focused on digital and delivery for a while now," said Bourgeois. "I think this is really one way where we can provide a unique Pizza Hut delivery experience.".

The service is starting in Phoenix on Dec. 5 to test the waters, but Pizza Hut is expected to expand it in early 2018, which is around the same time they plan to debut a wine option for Phoenix customers.

According to CNBC, the delivery driver will check the customer's ID at the door, so make sure you have it on hand if you're going to order some booze to go with your 'za.

Since the pizza chain doesn't use a third party delivery service like many other restaurants, and many locations already have a beer and wine license, execs saw it as a natural move, Bourgeois said in the QSR release.

"We believe we can be faster for consumers," she explained. "We don't have to make multiple stops to pick up beer from one place and hot pizza from another. And we already have a large network of delivery drivers to be able to get that experience to consumers. It will be seamless and easy. You can order your favorite pizza and beer all from one place."