Plant-Based is Growing More than Ever

An old joke of the plant-based community is that vegetarian or vegan eaters are like rabbits, nibbling on carrots and greens all day, every day. Not the worst thing to be called, rabbits are cute and are pretty healthy little guys (or gals). Regardless, plant-based eating is on the rise, making many intrigued on the health and environmental benefits it has. This growth brings a whole new demand to grocery stores and restaurants, making companies become innovative to meet customer needs. Craving a burger, but without the whole cow thing? No need to look any further. We are here to break down the top brands to best suit your taste bud desires. One of the biggest contenders on the market is Beyond Meat, a plant-based burger patty that has been rocking the industry. It brings the taste and texture of beef, but without the cow. So much so, it has many plant-based eaters in awe at its resemblance. You can snag these at your grocery store or you can dig into these at big-time restaurant chains such as Fridays, Veggie Grill, Carl’s Jr., A&W and many more. Are you trying to stray away from the idea of meat in general, then maybe Beyond Meat is not right for you. Check out Hilary’s Eat Well, a company dedicated to created tasty plant-based products that are free from allergens (gluten-free, soy-free, corn-free and nut-free). On top of that, their products are certified organic and certified GMO-free. Boom, health-game on a whole new level if you snack on these. Okay, so maybe you aren’t completely vegan, but you are still wanting to avoid meat. Boca’s All American Veggie Burgers are the fit for you. Blended with soy protein, garlic, onion and cheddar cheese will leave your palate watering for more. These patties are also low in calories, delivering a minor 100 calories per patty and a strong 13 grams of protein. A perfect combination for those watching the waistline.