Police Find Unexpected Surprise In Man's Wendy's Baconator, Issue Warning To Others

A West Virginia police department got a good laugh at the latest place they found a bag of weed.

Two officers with the Milton Police Department realized they smelled marijuana during a routine traffic stop. The vehicle had recently left a Wendy’s drive-thru, so the weed was hidden in an unorthodox place.

"Just complete and utter shock," Officer Sean Beckett recalled to WSAZ. "When we were searching through the vehicle and my corporal said, 'I found the dope. It was in the cheeseburger.'"

Using a trained K-9, a small bag of marijuana was found stuffed into a Wendy’s Baconator.

"Of course, he said, 'That's not mine,'" Beckett said of the suspect, "'it was in the cheeseburger when I got it. They must have put it on there at the store.'"

Amused by the minor crime, the police department shared the experience on Facebook in a post on April 12. The post has since gone viral, garnering over 7,600 likes and 8,200 shares in just two days.

"For the public's information, hiding marijuana inside a cheeseburger will not keep our K9 from smelling it,” the police department wrote in the Facebook post. “Our officers recovered a small bag of marijuana from a Wendy's Baconator yesterday after performing a traffic stop. Naturally the suspect's statement when the officers found the marijuana was 'I just got that burger they must have put it on there when I got it.' Wendys.com shows that marijuana is not a standard ingredient for a baconator.”

Various local residents were also amused at the incident.

"He should come up with a better excuse,” a woman told WSAZ.

"That was really funny," a man said, while laughing. "I wouldn’t have thought of that one myself."

"Whether or not the dog even actually smelled it in the cheeseburger, which I’m sure he did because he’s trained, but you hid it in food," a young woman said. "It’s an animal. I mean, for real."

Beckett said he was amused by the amount of attention the drug bust has received.

"Just little Podunk Milton, West Virginia," Beckett commented. "Finding weed in a cheeseburger."

As a minor charge, the department is enjoying the humor behind the incident.

"This is something that doesn't happen every day," Beckett said. "You still have to stay professional about this, but you can't talk about this without smiling."