Prepare Your Tastebuds For McDonald's Chicken Big Mac!

Ever heard of the Chicken Big Mac? Well, it's basically a Big Mac, except with two crispy breaded chicken patties instead of two beef patties. Oh, and of course, Big Mac special sauce. 

For years it has only been available on the McDonald's "secret" menu. 

But due to its popularity, McDonald's has decided to move it to its official menu. Poultry lovers, rejoice. 

For plebeians like myself who didn't even know the "secret" menu exists, this is welcome news. 

Still, it has only become an official menu item at McDonald’s in Australia and New Zealand, according to

“The iconic Big Mac and the McChicken are among our most popular burgers, so it made sense to mix up these two classics and give our customers a new and exciting product to try -- the Chicken Big Mac,” McDonald’s Australia’s CMO, Jenni Dill, said in a statement.

And what a delicious mix-up it appears to be. 

But wait, there's more. McDonald's is also temporarily bringing Shaker Fries back to the official menu (but again, only in Australia, mate). 

What are Shaker Fries, you ask? They are a bag of regular French fries, but with one crucial difference: they come with a little packet of cheeseburger flavoring. 

The idea is that you pour the flavoring onto your fries and shake it around in the bag. 

Now, you can enjoy a cheeseburger that tastes like a cheeseburger with a side of fries that taste like a cheeseburger. Boo-yah.

The Shaker Fries were introduced in 2011 on the regular menu, but then made an exit, according to Now they're back down under with a cheeseburger-flavored vengeance.

Even if you're not in Australia, try ordering them at your local McDonald's and see what happens. Just for fun. 

Side-note: McDonald's also sold guacamole and salsa-loaded fries only in Australia. Can we bring some of these fun things to the U.S., please?

Over the past few years, McDonald's has been mixing up its menu, as the take-out food sector has grown. 

The Chicken Big Mac and Cheeseburger Shaker Fries are currently available in all Australian McDonald's, and will be until July 18. 

If you're in Australia, enjoy. If not ... well, at least we have the Rolo McFlurry