President Of Iceland Would Totally Ban Pineapple Pizza

For many of us, pineapple is one of the absolute best pizza toppings. It offers a nice sweet contrast to all of the other, saltier toppings. Most people who get pineapple on their pizza pair it with ham, and call it Hawaiian pizza. Personally, I like to have it with chicken and barbecue sauce.

However, as Iceland Magazine reports, not everyone loves the sweet fruit topping on their pizzas. Iceland's president, Gudni Th. Johannesson, seems to actually despise them. I don't mean he doesn't like them, I mean he would consider banning pineapple as a pizza topping if he could do so on his own. That's some serious anger toward the pineapple!

The conversation started when President Johannesson visited a class of high school students in Akureyri in North Iceland. They were given the opportunity to ask their president all kinds of questions, ranging from his favorite team in the English premiere league, to whether he likes pineapple as a pizza topping. The answer to the first question was pleasant enough (Manchester United, if you're interested). However, when the pineapple question arose, he apparently showed a strong opposition to the whole idea.

The president with the 97% approval rating did decide, though, that fish is an appropriate pizza topping, and that people should be trying fish on their pizzas instead. Can someone so right (97% is pretty high!) get a pizza recommendation so wrong? I'm not sure, but maybe I'll try it just because he recommends it.

I won't lie, though … I do question his taste a little since he doesn't approve of a pineapple topping. What's not to like about a nice, sweet flavor mingling with all of the savory goings-on? With the salty chicken or ham and the tomatoey sauce? It's just over my head. Then again, Hawaii is a long way away from Iceland, so maybe Hawaiian style is just not their taste. Once I try a fish topping, I'll decide who's right once and for all.