Pringles Goes Sweet For The Holidays

Pringles Goes Sweet For The Holidays

These days, it feels like every brand out there is subscribing to the more-is-more ideology when it comes to expansion; just look at all the different sizes and flavors of Oreos that exist, if you need an example. 

Last autumn, Pringles -- which already boasts a spanning array of different savory flavor varieties -- decided to incorporate sweet chips into its already impressive lineup. For those of us who were fans of Pringles’ original flavor combos, the idea seemed gratuitous, but time has shown that the white chocolate, salted caramel, and pecan pie flavors have actually sold very well.

Now, Delish reports that Pringles is adding yet another seasonally sweet flavor, and it’s a personal favorite: Sugar Cookie!


Take a second to appreciate how genius this idea is, solely because of its simplicity. Sugar cookies work because they are simple and sweet; they don’t require balancing a complex and large amount of spices to work. They’re sugary and buttery, and a true crowd pleaser. Basically, the sugar cookie is a sweet counterpart to the original Pringles flavor. They just work.

At the very least, it’s a bold move on Pringles’ end to resist pumpkin-spicing up its iconic, sturdy chip for the holiday season, like so many other chains and companies have decided to do. We gotta commend them for trying something new.

The Pringles Holiday 2016 limited-edition flavors will be available nationwide soon; if you’re interested in trying out the Sugar Cookie flavor, it will be available exclusively at Walmart. The other two flavors, however, are more widely available at Dollar General stores. All of the cans will retail for $1.69 in early November.

P.S. -- how cute are those limited-edition Pringles cans? They’re wearing actual sweaters!