Pumpkin Pie Rice Krispies Treats Are Coming For Ya! (Photo)

Fall isn't quite here yet, but try telling that to food retailers. Judging by their emerging fall lineups, they see the end of August as the right time to yank bright, fruity summery offerings and replace them with PUMPKIN EVERYTHING.

Depending on how #basic you are, this could be a blessing, or it could be the most annoying thing in the world. Personally, I'm firmly planted on Team Pumpkin, but if you aren't, I understand where you are coming from and hope we can still be friends.

Either way, the latest pumpkin offender is Kellogg's, who has added pumpkin pie-flavored Rice Krispies Treats to their autumn spiced dessert arsenal.

Instagram account The Impulsive Buy posted on August 29 that one-pound boxes of the limited edition snacks had been spotted at Walmart.

According to the box, each serving has 90 calories, so if you love pumpkin stuff, you won't have to feel too guilty indulging in these sugary treats.

As with many pumpkin items, this one elicited a slew of polarizing reactions on social media, ranging from "Omg need now" to "noooo they have ruined my beloved rice Krispies treats."

"I can't even imagine what these taste like," another person wrote on the Instagram thread, saying that the snacks were "no bueno."

"Sweet lord bless it," one Instagrammer wrote.

Another simply said, "interesting," while one had another concise message: "STOP."

Whether you love them or hate them for capitalizing on America's pumpkin pie obsession, it's hard to deny that the Kellogg Company is doing some great things for its community. In light of Hurricane Harvey's devastation in Texas, the cereal and snack company announced on August 28 that it would donate $100,000 toward disaster relief for those affected by the floods, notes PR Newswire.

"Like the rest of Americans, we at Kellogg are heartbroken to see the devastating impact this storm has had on the people of Texas," said Kris Charles, senior vice president, Global Corporate Affairs, according to PR Newswire. "Our shelf-stable products provide important nourishment and comfort for families whose lives have been uprooted. We will continue to help those affected by this terrible storm."