Absolutely Gorgeous

Ramen Ice Cream Is Real, And It Is Absolutely Gorgeous

I don't know what it is about ramen that inspires so much culinary creativity, but I hope it doesn't stop anytime soon.

While most of us are still reeling over the wild creation that is the ramen burger, the folks over at The Dessert Kitchen in New York have created ice cream ramen -- and it actually looks delicious.


Per Metro, the dessert contains neither ice cream nor ramen; rather, the dessert is made with crushed ice mixed with condensed milk, which gives it a sort of ice cream-like consistency, and then jelly noodles, which look enough like ramen noodles (albeit neon blue ones) that the name gets a pass.


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Additionally, ice cream ramen features mochi, balled melon, cubed mango and white peach syrup.

Ramen Ice Cream

Does that make it healthy? No? Who cares when it’s this pretty to look at.