Reddit Users Reveal Their Fattest Meals Ever

What's the fattest thing you've ever done?

Most of us humans have a handful of memories where we've nearly blacked out from eating mountains of food.

From that one time in college when, in one sitting, two friends and I shared a couple week's worth of food that included the likes of chili cheese fries, cheese sticks and buffalo wings at the end of the quarter to make sure a meal plan didn't go to waste, to the time I made and ate a whole giant "ramen pizza" (no regrets, but never again!), I have an endless list when it comes to shameful eating stories -- and if you're a foodie, you probably do too.

It makes sense, then, that when one brilliant person asked Redditors that same question, outstanding responses flooded in.

From eating 40 chicken McNuggets and two chocolate shakes during a late night -- and still being hungry after -- to filling a huge KFC bucket with soda, the answers on the trending thread did not disappoint.

"When my girlfriend was out with her friends, I ordered pizza," one Redditor wrote. "I ordered two to get free delivery, and ate both of them in one sitting. When she got home a few hours later, she wanted pizza. I ordered pizza again and ate another one."

I could see myself doing that ...

"One time I went to Maine and lobsters were only $3, so I ate five of them, and then puked all over the lawn," said one hero.

One Reddit user said that they were "living the dream."

"I once had three fast food breakfast combos in one morning," wrote an amateur. "I went to Tim Hortons, McDonald's, then to a different Tim Hortons. I paid cash because I didn't want a paper trail of what I did."

I could do at least four.

Another person used to regularly eat whole containers of ice cream in one sitting. Others admitted to "eating shirts."

Some copped to eating dessert out of the trash can or, in my case, eating lobster off the floor. It happens.

It seems that gluttony loves company, but if you still feel like you've done something even more impressively shameful than everyone on Reddit, fear not! According to The Daily Meal, a 23-year-old woman once ate 16 pounds of food in one sitting and later died from it. So, like, it could be worse.