Reese's Creamer Will Turn Your Coffee Into Dessert! (Photos)

Do you get a raging sweet tooth in the morning?

If you love saving money on your morning latte by brewing your own joe and dumping in sweet creamers, then I might be about to make all your wildest dreams come true.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup coffee creamer is officially a thing!!

According to Best Products, the International Delight product was first spotted in the wild at a Walmart, although there's a good chance it has spread to other locations far and wide.

Tons of people are amped about the stuff …

Seriously, the hype is real.

But not everyone loved it.

"Though it smells chocolatey, it tastes like artificial peanut butter and nothing like Reese's," one Instagrammer wrote in a review. "I used as much creamer as it took to achieve this color, plus one stevia packet, and Reese's didn't dance through my brain ever. Wasn't gross though."

They rated it a six out of 10 at the highest.

"I've been debating this and I have mixed feelings," one person commented on the review post. "I love Reese's too much that I think this may ruin it. But only one way to find out."

Another person said they tried some at their local 7-11 and it was "yummy," so maybe it's all just relative.

Of course, if you taste the stuff and find that it doesn't quite hit the spot for you -- maybe you crave real peanut butter, or the chocolate balance isn't quite right -- you can always make it yourself. Click here to make your own peanut butter chocolate latte.

Basically, all you need is creamy peanut butter, chocolate spread (or syrup), strong coffee or espresso and warmed frothed milk (you can easily make this with an immersion blender), plus extra sugar to taste.

Either way, enjoy!