Relax And Unwind With These Super Soothing Silent Cooking Videos (Video)

If you have ever plugged your nose or closed your eyes while eating, you know that food is about more than just taste. There is a reason that fancy restaurants put so much time and effort into plating their food and the sound of a sizzling pan is so appealing.

That was the concept behind Cooper Nelson’s new YouTube channel, “Silently Cooking.” Nelson believes that the best food experiences can sometimes come from focusing on the sensory aspects of the food itself, rather than the hubbub of modern life (video below).

Silently Cooking is a series of cooking videos entirely devoid of talking. Instead, Nelson allows viewers to listen (and watch the food itself), creating a unique and incredibly appealing atmosphere.

When asked about the videos, Nelson said, “I wanted the Natural Sound to help drive the video. Something people can maybe learn a little something from, but, more importantly, something that just looked and sounded good.”

While we’re not quite ready to give up our current favorite YouTube cooking channels and the witty banter of the videos’ hosts, we must admit that there’s something to be said for listening to the food itself. Watch some of Nelsons videos below, and then decide for yourself!