Customer's Coffee-With-Bailey's Order

Restaurant Gloriously Messes Up Customer's Coffee-With-Bailey's Order

Not all of us are at our best in the mornings.

In fact, so many of us take some time before we’re functional that society has even given us terms to excuse our less-than-ideal A.M. behaviors. How many times have you heard somebody say that they’re just “not a morning person?”

Perhaps that’s why so many people rely on caffeine to kickstart their brains into gear upon waking. Some of us use coffee to heighten our awareness; some of us use it to take the edge off.

And some of us end up using it to go viral on Reddit after our baristas make a hilarious error.

When Reddit user Rios93 ordered a cup of coffee with Bailey’s at a restaurant, he was anticipating receiving a comforting, warm cup of alcohol-spiked java.

Instead, however, the poor man was given this:

Yeah. That’s coffee with bay leaves, not Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Can you imagine the bizarre exchange that must have happened when that confused server brought that order back to the kitchen?

"I just can’t understand it… he ordered coffee with a side of leaves."


"Shut up, Jared, the customer is always right."

At any rate, it seemed the server had some inkling that the order was off, as he opted to put the leaves on the side as a sort of garnish, rather than infuse the coffee with them directly.