Restaurant In China Fires Robot Waiters For Incompetence

A China-based restaurant chain announced that it was suspending its use of robot servers after  realized the robots were unable to perform properly and broke down often.

Heweilai, a chain in Guangzhou, China, employed a staff of $7,000-a-piece high-end robots to do the wait staff's job at three of its locations.

They soon discovered, however, that the bots were becoming increasingly prone to breakdowns and their capabilities were "somewhat limited" — according to one human waiter that worked alongside the bots.

The robots were reportedly unable to carry soup, pour water and converse with customers, among other lacking skill sets, Grubstreets reported.

The news came after Carl's Jr. CEO Andy Puzder made news for announcing hopes to employ an entire staff of computers because they "always upsell," are "always polite," they "never take a vacation" and "never show up late."

Would you go to a restaurant that had a robotic wait staff?