Rihanna Demonstrates Why Wine Should Be Your Favorite Fashion Accessory

Rihanna is known worldwide for her daring fashion and beauty choices. Whether she is wearing transparent couture to the CFDA Awards or designing sunglasses for Dior, we never hesitate to look to the gorgeous pop star for style inspiration.

Recently, however, Rihanna has outdone herself by bringing a new fashion accessory into vogue: the to-go wine glass. According to Twitter user Josh Edwards, who has conducted an extensive study into the singer’s beverage habits, it looks like we might have a new trend on our hands.

Not only does Rihanna seem to spend large portions of her life with a wine glass in hand, but she also frequently appears to exit restaurants while holding her favorite beverage, leaving us to wonder why we have never asked for our drink to go!

Clearly, Rihanna knows how to live life to its fullest extent. Personally, we can’t think of a better accessory for everything from our everyday outfits to our fanciest formal wear!

Before you start walking everywhere with a wine glass in hand, however, you might want to check out the images of Rihanna herself for the most stylish wine and outfit combos. After all, if your favorite foods have wine pairings, why shouldn’t your wardrobe as well?