Ritz Is Releasing Chips And They Look So, So Good (Photo)

They're called Crisp & Thins, and they've been around a couple of years, but now we'll get to try them in the U.S.!

Delish reports that this is Ritz's first ever line of oven-baked chips. They are said to be puffier and lighter than crackers, so they're more like chips. They're already flavored, which eliminates the need for any dipping (but we won't judge if you want to anyway). The Crisp & Thins come in four flavors: sea salt, cream cheese and onion, salt and vinegar and the ever popular bacon. Imagine biting into a chip that tastes just like a piece of crispy bacon, but knowing that it only contains 50 percent of the fat that a regular chip contains. That's Crisp & Thins for you.

These chips debuted a couple of years ago in the U.K. (because it seems like everyone gets to try the good stuff before we do), and are finally making their way over to us in the U.S. Food Business News reports that these chips combine potatoes and wheat, which are rolled thin and oven baked for extra "airiness and crunch." And like I mentioned above, they contain 50 percent less fat than regular chips.

“From March Madness parties to summer barbecues and everything in between, Ritz has been a mainstay on the party table since 1934,” says one spokesperson for Ritz North America. “We’re excited to build on Ritz’s iconic heritage with something distinctly new, and we’re confident that, with just one bite of Ritz Crisp & Thins, our fans will share in our enthusiasm. This is a chip that’s thin and crispy, perfect for munching, and the rich flavors bring it to the next level. It’s unlike anything Ritz has ever offered before.”

These likely addicting new chips will be available in both large and single-serving packs through select retailers, so check in with your local supermarket before you go searching the aisles for them. You'll find them for $3.69 for a large bag, or $1.49 for a single-serve bag.