Rock-It Grapes Are The New Cotton Candy Grapes (Photos)

Whoever said Cotton Candy is the new grape was seriously disturbed. Rock-It grapes are in now. And if you're not familiar with either fruit, well, it's time to re-examine your fruit-eating portfolio; it could use some variety.

First off, Rock-It grapes. These berry brainchildren of International Fruit Genetics are a Walmart-exclusive (such specific exclusivities do exist) and are said to "crunch like a green grape" but still have the "sweetness of a purple one," according to Delish.

And if popping large quantities of food in your mouth is your go-to method of consumption, then Rock-Its will be your new favorite snack, as these subtle-flavored grapes will never tire your taste buds. They're like nature's candy.

Now, we get to our so last season grapes, Cotton Candy -- not to be mistaken for the sugar-spun clouds-on-a-stick. Cotton Candy grapes made it to grocery shelves as quickly as they ran out, so if you're wondering why you haven't seen these grapes anywhere in sight, it's because Cotton Candy grape season is short. Of course, the demand is extremely high, too. Health-food retailer Whole Foods has carried the grapes, which typically go for $4.99 a pound.

They are said to taste sickeningly sweet, just like the carnival treat, but only with fewer calories -- it's no wonder they flew off the shelves. They're only in season from Aug. 10 through Aug. 20, so fans go rabid when they become available.

Witch Fingers is another berry breed born from mad scientist grape breeders of International Fruit Genetics, Their freakishly slender and pointed ends explain their namesake, and they are probably just as delicious as Rock-It and Cotton Candy grapes, but bear a slight resemblance to bent pinky fingers. It's a delightfully disturbed punching bag of sweetness. This brand of grapes is also popular and has since been rebranded as "Tear Drop" grapes because grape farmers received various complaints about them.

These new revelations about grape strains also spotlight a lucrative and much-appreciated occupation of grape breeding. Cross-pollinating existing grapes to create brand-new shapes and flavors to life? That kind of sounds like wand-waving.