Say Hello To Burger King's Lucky Charms Milkshake

If you weren't lucky enough to score one of the 10,000 boxes of marshmallow-only Lucky Charms, don't fret. 

For fans of Lucky Charms marshmallows, there's something even more magical coming your way. And you don't have to win a sweepstakes to try it. 

Burger King has just introduced a second cereal shake to its menu, and, in my humble opinion, it beats the Fruit Loops Shake by leaps and bounds. Or loops and bounds. 

That's right, I'm talking about the new Lucky Charms Shake. If you love milkshakes, Lucky Charms and Burger King, this is the drink of your dreams. 

The sweet new concoction blends Lucky Charms cereal with marshmallow cereal-flavored syrup and vanilla soft serve ice cream, according to Brand Eating.

The colorful shake is then topped off with whipped cream. Salivating already? 

“It definitely tastes like a really cold version of the popular cereal, if not a bit sweeter because of the ice cream,” reports Foodbeast.

Well, that sounds pretty darn delicious to us.

Starting on June 20, select Burger King locations will be selling the special milkshake, according to Eater. 

Better get it now, because it's available for a limited time only. 

But you may want to avoid it if you're on a diet or trying to eat healthy. The shake rings in at 740 calories and contains a whopping 107 grams of sugar (25 grams is the recommended daily intake for adults), per Brand Eating. 

Two months ago, Burger King released the Fruit Loops Shake. With the release of the Lucky Charm’s Shake, BK seems to be sticking with the cereal ice cream theme. 

Both Lucky Charms and Froot Loops are among the most popular cereals in the U.S.

In 2016, Lucky Charms ranked as the eighth best selling cereal, while Fruit Loops followed up in ninth place, according to Bakery and Snacks. 

Personally, I'd love to see Burger King put out a Cocoa Puff's shake. 

Maybe BK should hold a vote like Oreo did, asking customers what flavor they'd like to see next. 

What do you think of this new creation? Does your local BK sell it?