Say Hello To Coffee Nut, The Newest Fan-Elected M&M Flavor

What can we say -- we know our flavors!

As you may have noticed if you’re a chocolate fan, for the past few months, three new M&M’s flavors have been available for purchase as part of the company’s first-ever Flavor Vote contest. 

The brand reached out to its customers, asking us to vote for one of three potential new flavors, Coffee Nut, Honey Nut, and Chili Nut, to join the popular Peanut M&M’s officially on store shelves.

Now, after more than one million votes have been cast, as Brand Eating reports, the results are in: Coffee Nut beat out its two competing flavors to win M&M’s Flavor Vote. It will be available on shelves nationwide in early August.

Not to say we told you so or anything, but savvy Panda readers will remember that we actually taste tested the three flavors back in April, and singled out Coffee Nut as the clear winner. For those of you who disagreed and favored one of the other contenders, make sure to stock up on either Chili Nut or Honey Nut before supplies deplete.