Pringles Newest 'Loud' Flavors

Say Hello To Pringles Newest 'Loud' Flavors

Pringles fans rejoice! We now have five new flavors to add to our favorite snack collection.

Thrillist reports that Pringles has released five bold new flavors called LOUD Crisps: Mighty Margherita Pizza, Fiery Chili Lime, Super Cheesy Italian, Salsa Fiesta and Spicy Queso. Without having even tried them, I can already see which one is my favorite. Mighty Margherita Pizza is calling my name.

While the names of the flavors themselves make the actual taste of the chip pretty self-explanatory, Thrillist did a taste test in order to let all the rest of us eager fans know just what to expect when we run to the store to get these new snacks. Here's what they reported.

Spicy Queso -- They loved it! They actually said it reminded them of Taco Bell. Imagine that; Taco Bell in chip form. I'm surprised the fast food chain hasn't already done this!

Fiery Chili Lime -- Like lime tortilla chips already dipped in the salsa, Thrillist says, not too shabby.

Mighty Margherita Pizza -- Like the writers at Thrillist, the pizza flavor is also my personal favorite Pringle. After reading their review, I'm still excited to try it, since it's just like the regular pizza flavor but with a hint of basil. Yum.

Super Cheesy Italian -- Thrillist warns this one might be too cheesy for those who may not be cheese-obsessed. Be ready for it!

Salsa Fiesta -- Like tortilla chips dipped in spicy salsa. I love these ideas.

According to Fortune, one senior director of marketing for the Kellogg company (did you know Pringles was owned by Kellogg's?) said that this array of flavors is what keeps fans excited. "We do flavor innovation every year, looking at what's happening in salty snacks or even more broadly in food," he said. The goal with this new line was to combine flavors to create chips with more depth, so that when we chow down, we aren't just getting one overwhelming flavor, but we are experiencing a couple of different ones.

The new Pringles LOUD flavors are hitting shelves now and cost $1.69 per can. Go see if your store has them!