Saying Goodbye: New York's Famed Carnegie Deli Is Closing

It's hard to believe, but after serving up iconic dishes since 1937, New York's famed Carnegie Deli will close its doors forever on Dec. 31.

Per The Post, the beloved New York Institution’s owner, Marian Harper Levine, tearfully confirmed the news to her 60 heartbroken employees on Sept. 30.

"At this stage of my life, the early mornings to late nights have taken a toll, along with my sleepless nights and grueling hours that come with operating a restaurant business,” Levine, who is now 65 years old, said. Her family has owned Carnegie since 1976.

"I'm very sad to close the Carnegie Deli but I’ve reached the time of my life when I need to take a step back."

While many popular New York City restaurants have been forced to close their doors due to issues with the landlord, that is actually not the case for Carnegie; in fact, Levine owns the six-story building.

However, Levine lost her lease on annex space in a building close by several years ago, and also went through what the Post reports was a nasty divorce from her ex-husband, who allegedly stole Levine’s famous pastrami and cheesecake recipes.

Next, the restaurant was ordered by a federal court to hand over $2.6 million in back wages to employees, and finally, the city shut down the Carnegie Deli for nine months over an illegal gas hookup back in April 2015. Levine has blamed most of these misfortunes on her ex-husband.

While this news is likely to devastate many New Yorkers, the legacy of Carnegie Deli is sure to live on.

Per The Post, Levine’s spokesperson, Cristyne Nicholas, said: "Moving forward, Marian Harper hopes to keep her father’s legacy alive by focusing on licensing the iconic Carnegie Deli brand and selling their world-famous products for wholesale distribution."