See How One Woman Transforms A Garage Into A Living Space Nicer Than Most Homes!

Can you believe this was once a garage? This space looks so much nicer than my apartment - and it's only half the size! At just over 350 square feet, this tiny garage was transformed into a living room, office space, kitchen, and bedroom.

A family of three (plus two dogs) live here, and they are loving it! Part of what makes this work so well is all the natural light streaming through. It gives the whole area a heavenly feel! Plus, with some good ol' interior design tricks like strategically placed mirrors, this tiny house feels a lot bigger than it actually is.

Blogger and designer Whitney Leigh Morris knew she could take on the challenge of designing a beautiful home that was functional and practical for her family. I think you'll agree, so totally nailed it! Whitney's motto is, "You don't have to live large to live well." Isn't that the truth? This has to be a controversial stance, especially considering where her tiny house is located - in the Venice district in L.A.

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