See’s Candies Has Suspended Production

See’s Candies Has Suspended Production

While COVID-19 is ravishing our great nation, businesses are doing their part to combat the spread of this historical pandemic. Social distancing is widely practiced and suggested. Challenging decisions are being made on a day to day basis. Many businesses are temporarily ceasing operation in efforts to flatten the curve. Included in recent businesses closing is the beloved See’s Candies. After ninety-nine years in business, the company can boast of only one other closing. It was during World War 2, with rationing being the cause. 

The reputation of See’s speaks for itself. As a reliable, unwavering staple in the candy business, it is obvious their decision was not a casual one. Weighing in on the decision was the concern for the safety and health of their employees. There will be no production of candies during their temporary closure.

There will also be no filling of any orders online, nor the offer of customer service. While the company’s concern for their employees was the reason for the decision to pause production, they care about their customers as well. Because of the ceasing of filling orders for the time being, the company will be refunding unfilled orders in the following seven to fourteen days.

While none of us can rely on an accurate timeline for these uncertain times, the company plans to bring updates to the candy community as they execute plans for resuming production. The company has expressed their appreciation for everyone’s patience and understanding during this unprecedented time.

Image Source: TMZ