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Send All Your Friends And Loved Ones Sad Drake Cookies (Photos)

Feeling gloomy?

A batch of devastating, delicious cookies might just be what you need to perk back up. After all, misery loves company -- especially if that company happens to be in the likeness of  a distraught Drake, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West or President Donald Trump.

Comedian Sarah Silverman, who attended Savannah College of Art and Design, co-owns Cupcake Market in New York and hand-paints cookies in celebs' likenesses, according to ABC News.

She first got these started during the presidential primaries for the 2016 election by selling Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Trump cookies. And then it branched out to occasionally less polarizing members of pop culture.

At $49 to $89 (free shipping though!) for packs of two to five cookies, these are a bit pricey, but they are just so fabulous looking that you might need to splurge.

The Drake cookie, for instance, is roughly 6 inches by 5 inches and allegedly serves up to two people ... although I don't know what these people are on about, thinking I'm about to share my sad celeb cookie with somebody else.

Eater notes that Goldbely, the food delivery company that ships the cookies, will send these to just about anywhere in the U.S. So if you're feeling sad and/or hungry and don't live near New York, you can probably still eat one. They last for up to two weeks in the fridge or at room temperature, so you'll have plenty of time to enjoy them even if you're on the other side of the country.

Not all the cookies are unhappy, so if you're in a more celebratory mood, you can pick up a smiling Beyonce or smoldering Justin Bieber, if you'd rather.

But how do they taste?

In general, Yelpers love Cupcake Market, which has 4.5 stars on average. People absolutely adore a lot of the other offerings, though one person said that the face cookies "taste like cookies," which I find pretty reassuring.