Seth Meyers Tried To Make Leslie Jones Try Unusual Seafood On TV And She Was Not Having It (Video)

Welcome, folks, to chapter three of celebrities eating things on talk shows.

They say the third time's the charm, and they've got that right: Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones and Late Night host Seth Meyers tried some adventurous seafood on live television (video below).

There to help them cook the critters was chef Carlo Mirarchi, who began by pointing out that the giant Norwegian king crab on the table was not, in fact, a Pokemon. The colossal crab confirmed by wiggling its antennae.

Naturally, Mirarchi held up the crab, which was bigger than his torso.

"I'll stay back here," Jones said as she distanced herself accordingly.

On the menu were live prawns placed directly onto the pan, scallops and some mysterious yellow melon broth.

Jones could get behind the scallops.

"You don't cook scallops for very long; I saw that with chef Ramsay," she shared.

The melon broth, however, didn't go over with her so well.

Jones contributed to the segment's comedic delight by spilling sea urchin juice all over the table and into Mirarchi's drink and by tossing one of the chef's black limes like a ping pong ball.

"This is not a lime, y'all! It smells like coffee chocolate," she said.

She thought the final plate of lightly cooked prawns and scallops was looking pretty appetizing -- until the chef finished it off with what he described as urchin "gonad," also known as reproductive organs.

Jones insisted she was not going to "eat a uterus, cuz," so her helping of gonad went untouched for the night.

Want to learn how to cook scallops like a pro or watch Leslie Jones be grossed out by seafood? Check out the full video.