Seven Weirdly Mouthwatering Uses for Ranch Dressing

Seven Weirdly Mouthwatering Uses for Ranch Dressing

In the midwest, the love for ranch dressing runs deep throughout the sprawling cornfields. This passionate love affair is spreading throughout the nation, as the dressing’s hidden powers are becoming discovered. Warning: Ordering these combinations at a restaurant may ward some (rightfully so) judgemental looks from your server. Order at your own risk, but remember, with great risk comes great reward.


1. Chips with Salsa, Guacamole and Ranch

Chips with Salsa, Guacamole and Ranch

 This is a triple-banger dip to the pallet. The crunch of the tortilla chip, thick creaminess of the avocado, acidity of the salsa followed by a playful dip in the ranch pond makes a unique, yet oh so tasty, combination.  


2. Pizza

Ranch Pizza While this blend is more on the radar, there is a dire need to mention this for those unaware of this twin flame complex. Pizza in itself is good, but adding a dip just takes it to another level of heavenly bliss. The creamy ranch complements the velvety cheese and complexity of the sauce. Best part? Dipping the garlic crust in the ranch. Even for non-crust pizza eaters, give this a whirl. It may just change your crusty perspective.  


3. Pasta

Ranch Pasta Yes, pasta. Opt out of stereotypical go-to’s and take your pasta up a couple of notches. I mean, it does have the same consistency of an alfredo sauce, right? So… why was this discluded in the first place? This make-do white sauce will leave your pasta flavor-packed and innovatively divine. Personal favorite: spaghetti and tomato sauce with a slight drizzle of ranch.  


4. Tater Tots with Ranch

Tater Tots with Ranch

 A crunchy exterior with a fluffy interior. Take these fluffy potato clouds and dunk them in a soothing and chilled ranch. This cools down the steaming temperature of the freshly fried tot, which allows you to enjoy your food quicker. Once you uncover the beautiful relationship between salty and creamy you won’t have it any other way.  


5. Avocado Toast

Avocado Ranch Toast Continuing this avocado theme, ranch and this infamous fruit are a match made in heaven. Amplify your breakfast by shedding a light shower of ranch on avocado toast. The textures, colors and flavors mesh well together - and will take your insta-worthy avo toast picture to a new level.  


6. Anything Red Meat Related

Anything Red Meat Related

Steak, hamburger, hotdog… anything red meat related is a green light to accompany with ranch dressing. The soothing ways of ranch dances beautifully with the acidity of the meat. Next time you order a hamburger, swap out the ketchup for this and watch your taste buds flourish.  


7. Flaming Hot Cheetos

Flaming Hot Cheetos with Ranch

Flaming Hot Cheetos or anything heat-inflamed, really. The chilling spice lathered with a dunk in ranch makes a lovely way to ease the spicy tension arising on your pallet.