Shake Shack Releases 'Will & Grace' Prosecco (Photo)

Shake Shack Releases 'Will & Grace' Prosecco (Photo)

"Holy Anne Heche Laffoon!" Shake Shack is commemorating the return of "Will & Grace" in the sweetest (and booziest) way possible.

The two new "Will & Grace"-themed milkshakes honor the show's sitcom double duos: Will and Grace, and Jack and Karen.

The Will & Grace shake is a blend of sugar and spices: cinnamon marshmallow frozen custard with fudge, topped with whipped cream and cinnamon sugar … and everything nice like the on-and-off again roommate-best-friend-couple. It's complicated, like it always has been since the very start.

Less complicated and more outrageous is the Karen & Jack shake, a bubbly sweet milkshake with plenty of booze to cruise you through whatever self-centered shenanigans you and your mercurial theater-loving best friend get into (or vice versa). Prosecco, strawberry frozen custard, topped with whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles and raspberry dust are the kinds of ingredients you'll find in this perfectly accurate interpretation of Karen and Jack.

Prosecco, fizzy and effervescent like Jack McFarland's rapidly changing careers (cater waiter to Banana Republic sales clerk, to student nurse, to back-up dancer). Strawberry frozen custard for the indulgent, spoiled, gold-digging Karen Walker. And a dash of colorful toppings for that unexpected panache that each bring to the show's stage.

Like that time Jack revealed his singed-off eyebrows when a fire broke out during one of his performances. Or all the times Karen dips under the guise as her alias, Anastasia Beaverhausen.

Shake Shack's sweet deal with the LGBTQ community is as charming and supportive as the legendary foursome's friendship.

According to Foodbeast, for every "Will & Grace"-themed milkshake, Shake Shack will donate $2 to GLAAD, which will support their effort in culture-changing LGBTQ stories.

If you're close to Los Angeles or New York City -- you're in luck. The new shakes will be available at Shake Shacks in Herald Square and Upper West Side (NYC) and Hollywood and West Hollywood (LA).

Until October 1, grab a couple friends to try a bubbly Karen & Jack or a cozy and spicy Will & Grace, then rush home and immediately start rewatching the show, in preparation for its return on September 28!