Shangai Restaurant Forced To Shut Down Day After Receiving Michelin Star

The day after Michelin released its first-ever mainland China guide for Shanghai, one of the restaurants that received a coveted star was forced to shut down.

For those unaware, receiving a Michelin star in the restaurant business is sort of like receiving not only a gold star in front of all of your peers in your Kindergarten class, but also being awarded a snazzy gold vest with the words, "I’M THE BEST, EVERYBODY LOVES ME, I DESERVE GOOD THINGS IN LIFE" emblazoned on the back that you get to wear until the day you die.

One of the 26 newly-recognized restaurants, Taian Table, unfortunately did not have the proper permits required to operate a restaurant, and was forced to shut down one day after becoming a Michelin recipient. In keeping with the previous Kindergarten analogy, that’s kind of like receiving the vest and then showing up to school the next day wearing only your underpants.

Per BBC, Taian Table offered 14-course and 10-course tasting menus, which would run you about $193 per average visit. Neighbors above the eatery had petitioned to have the restaurant -- which did not have a food business license, or a general business license -- closed down for noise complaints.

"We certainly never intentionally planned to violate any rules, regulations and laws. Since Taian Table was planned as a private place the size of the kitchen and the layout are not according to the customary business style and was also limiting our capacity,” the restaurant said in a statement on its website. "After we noticed the great demand and success of our concept we decided to relocate the place to a larger space where we can apply to all required licenses. Constructions and renovations are under progress.

"I apologize to all loyal friends who have booked seats already for the coming weeks," the statement added. "The plan was to seamlessly move to the new location once constructions are completed but the recent circumstances forced us to have a break.”

According to Eater, the restaurant operators are now working on moving Taian Table to a larger space on Zhenning Road where they will be able to serve a larger number of guests… after attaining all of the required licenses this time, we imagine.