Share Wine With Your Cat

For those who can't go to the Denver cat bar, but do not want to miss out on the bonding experience of drinking wine with your favorite feline, there is a wine specifically designed for your cat to enjoy.

Apollo Peak, based in Denver, Colorado, has created a non-alcoholic, beet-based wine specifically for cats.

"Made at 5,675' in the foothills of Colorado, this is a fine feline snack wine designed to entice even the most picky of cats," according to Apollo Peak's official website.

Two varieties are available so your cat can choose between a red or white wine: "Pinot Meow" and "Moscato."

"All of our cat wine products have a proprietary blend that includes all-natural organically grown catnip, fresh beets and natural preservatives to help hold the taste and color," the website says on its FAQ page. "We believe in natural ingredients for our particularly classy feline friends."

Although the wine contains no alcohol, the catnip may provoke a calming effect when consumed by the cats.

"Well, depending on how much they drink - the effects will vary," the company explained. "When cats smell catnip they tend to get funny, move around and play a lot. The exact opposite occurs when they ingest catnip. They normally will become more ‘mellowed’ out when they drink the wine so it might actually help for those restless nights."

The company explained that only about two-thirds of felines are sensitive to the smell of catnip, "so it's very possible that they won't be immediately drawn to the drink." However, the beets used in the recipe will probably convince the rest to partake of this beverage. It is best served at room temperature, as cats are not particularly fond of chilled drinks.

Although Apollo Peak admitted that dogs "will likely enjoy it much more quickly than your finicky furball," the company is working on a product for dogs to enjoy, as well. The beverage is not intended for human consumption, but there is "[o]verall, no need to panic" if the wine is accidentally ingested.

The wine will be available in pet stores in Colorado and Arizona. In the meantime, it can be ordered online.