Shred Your Ex's Photo For Free Valentine's Day Wings

If you're sad about being alone this Valentine's Day, perk up for free wings. All you have to do to enjoy yourself is bring a picture of your ex and shred it at Hooters.

Thrillist reports that the restaurant is offering this deal with a purchase of 10 boneless wings. Basically, you order the wings, shred the picture and then get another 10 boneless wings free of charge. Because, well, treat yourself! There's no need to hate Valentine's Day when there can be something in it for everyone. And who doesn't love free wings? There's an added satisfaction to taking the picture into Hooters and shredding it, since they put it through an actual shredder for you. I imagine that something about watching that happen just feels right.

For those who wish to stay in on Valentine's Day, you can even shred the picture virtually and print the coupon and get your wings to go. Who says eating wings at home alone can't be a good time? I mean, it's not what I prefer but maybe that's the right choice for some.

You have to go in on Feb. 14, 2017, to get the deal, according to Maxim, and you can get your free wings in any of the 17 sauces or any of the dry rubs your heart desires. You'll even get help from the Hooters girls, to make it a more lively and spunky event, rather than pitiful and heartbreaking.

The same deal has been enjoyed in the past, and last year over 25,000 single and lonely people took advantage of the online version of this deal on Valentine's Day.

And hey, if ripping your ex's picture to shreds isn't quite harsh enough for you, the deal offers the option to burn it as well. So don't knock the promo before you've tried it. Who knows what demons are still lurking under your calm exterior. I bet burning the picture might feel pretty nice.

The only catch to this (that I can imagine) is there are probably many people who would burn a picture of a current S.O., or an ex before an ex or something in order just to get free wings. Whatever the case, I guess the point is to enjoy your V-Day.