Skittles Slurpees Are Coming To 7-Eleven! Which Flavor Will Be The Best?

From Sept. 12-18, you can buy one Slurpee and get one free. What better time to try the new Skittles Slurpee flavor??

According to FoodBeast, 7 Eleven has introduced a new Slurpee flavor of Skittles Green Apple. If you weren’t ready for summer to end, here’s a nice crisp summer taste to help you pretend it’s not quite fall yet.

Go and buy one, and get the other free for a friend to try! They are available nationwide, so there’s most likely one nearby, wherever you are.

7 Eleven has been known to match Slurpee with candy, like a Sour Patch Kids Slurpee this summer. Sadly, I didn’t get to try it, but it was based off of a Sour Patch favorite: watermelon. Perfectly summery.

I wonder if this green apple Skittles flavor is successful, if we’ll see even more Skittles flavors become available? As far as that goes, where are our other Sour Patch Kids flavors? Let’s see some more craziness!

Personally, I’d like to see a combination flavor of a couple of different Skittles flavors, like maybe the green apple flavor swirled with cherry or lemon-lime. On the other hand, what kind of fall flavors could we hope to see? I’m  not sure a pumpkin Slurpee would go over too well, but I guess we can sip our green apple Skittles Slurpees and dream.