Smashburger Announces New $54 Burger Passes

Smashburger's first-ever bang-for-your-buck deal is a true test of your brand loyalty, love for red meat and gut distension. It's the All-American dream come true.

Fast-casual restaurant Smashburger is testing out a $54 burger pass that will allow holders to purchase a $1 burger a day for 54 days, Nation's Restaurant News reports.

Following Olive Garden's lead, with the restaurant's "Never Ending Pasta Pass" offering unlimited pasta dishes for seven weeks at $100 per pass, Smashburger will be debuting its own "bite-sized" version. The "Holiday Smash Pass," which will be available for purchase online through Nov. 15, is only valid between Nov. 15 and Jan. 9 (excluding Thanksgiving and Christmas).

According to Eater, pass-holders will be given one coupon per day, which can be used only on that particular day. This is to avoid holders from cashing in on all their 54 burgers in one go.

The coupons will also be redeemable for Smashburger's entrees, which include fresh salads and veggie burgers (which will come in handy after the 20th day of a burger binge).

As Food & Wine notes, the pass will pay for itself after 10 visits. The average Smashburger costs about $6.70 each, adding up to a total of $361.80. Smashburger pass-holders would pay only $108. The total savings comes out to $250; not a bad deal, if you can stomach it.

To stay competitive in today's rapidly changing food industry, restaurants have to stay on top of market trends, technological advances and "gimmicks" to encourage customers to dine in. Takeaway, drive-thru and eat-in options are becoming increasingly popular and third-party deliveries like Uber Eats and GrubHub are fueling the upswing.

Smash Passes might seem like an attractive deal for burger fanatics, but the commitment to visiting Smashburger every day could be a "miss" for customers partial to portion control and good health.

CEO Tom Ryan told NRN in an interview that this is the burger chain's first time offering burger passes, and there is no telling whether the program will be a success. Every year, Olive Garden's "Never Ending Pass" sells out in seconds; the passes could be a smashing success.