Snickers Launches Three New 'Moody' Flavors (Photos)

Snickers is not one to play around with new flavors, unlike its snack-aisle counterpart Oreos with several dozen flavors (some of which are only available in certain countries). So when Snickers releases three new specialty flavors, we are all ears and mouths and hunger.

And we're not ourselves when we're hungry!

Feeling wimpy? May we recommend Snickers' "Fiery" chocolate bar, flecked with hot pepper nougat and hints of chili flavor.

According to Delish, the spice sneaks up on you and is recommended for anyone who fancies Red Hots or that girl next door. The Fiery Snickers bar packs quite a punch to the gut, but that just might be what you need to go out and do what you must get done.

Feeling indecisive? Craving something sweet and maybe a little salty too? Snickers' "Salty & Sweet" nougat is salted-caramel flavored, and Delish reports a slight saltiness, but otherwise it isn't much different than a regular Snickers bar. 

Feeling irritable? I can see many office quarrels unfolding from gifting one of these Snickers bars. In case you really are feeling cranky, an "Espresso"-flavored nougat will perk you right up (and may or may not replace a single cup of morning joe).

The new specialty flavors are a spin on the classic Snickers bar (which still has peanuts, caramel and milk chocolate) but come with the promise to satisfy three common symptoms that most of us encounter at some point during the week. These three Snickers bars are candy's answer to "I need a lifeline."

"Snickers knows that when you're hungry, you lose your flavor and turn into your less desirable self," said Senior Brand Manager Michael Italia in a press release per PR Newswire. It is possible Snickers could replace self-help books, mid-afternoon naps, coin-tosses and ranting altogether.

In the same press release, Italia announced that Snickers fans will be able to get their hands on these new moody "homeopathic" flavors nationwide beginning June 2018, a long way ahead for those of us who could use more decisiveness and gravitas in our lives. But there's always the regular and reliable Snickers to turn to for our hunger pangs.