Soccer Fan Smuggles Whole Cheese Platter Into Game (Photos)

Do you ever sneak food into sporting events?

If you do, I'm not about to judge you. Let's be honest here: If you're not looking to buy stale nachos with canned cheese or a wayyyy overpriced hot dog, you're likely out of luck if you get hungry at a game. Plus, the lines can be terrible!

Well, it looks like one soccer fan figured out a genius solution to this, and I'm only sad because I didn't think of it first.

That man brought his own cheese platter to a game.

His. Own. Cheese. Platter.

This is not a drill.

It had avocado, fancy cheese, cured meats and a baguette, all sitting atop a wooden board, notes Mashable. How he managed to smuggle all that into the Australian soccer game, I would dearly love to know.

Oh, and the Melbourne Demons fan also brought "a whole salmon in his bag," according to one Reddit user who said they were the man's friend and sat behind him at the match.

And are those … olives? And sun-dried tomatoes? Spread out over two separate cheese boards? 

This man is a hero.

"I have to say that's the cutest thing I've seen in 2017!" wrote one Redditor. "Good on him."

On the Reddit thread, a lively discussion ensued about cheese -- the consensus was that he had brought "Fromager d'Affinois Bleu by the looks of it," which was described as "an absolutely lovely cheese."

"It's up there with the best," one person said. "Try it sometime with slices of fresh pear. It will change your religion."

Another conceded that the spread "does look bloody delicious" but questioned why he was (allegedly) "carrying a whole bloody fish."

I like to think he had a giant slab of smoked salmon or something along those lines, which would be out of this world with the other cheeseboard contents, but then again it could have been anything.

"This guy probably had the best Sunday at the footy ever," one person wrote on Twitter. "I'd take a cheese platter over an overpriced, sh**ty hotdog any day."

Of course, not everyone was impressed.

But hey, it looks tasty to me!