SodaStream Is Turning Water Into Sparkling Wine

SodaStream Is Turning Water Into Sparkling Wine (Photo)

Imagine you're hosting an event at home, when your friend makes a massive announcement and -- gasp! -- you realize with horror that you don't have a drop of bubbly booze to propose a toast!

There's no time to run to the store and pick up a couple bottles of champagne, so what do you do?

Well, if you have a nifty little SodaStream machine, you might be able to run over to the pantry, fire up the sparkling water maker, mix in a few glugs of something called "Sparkling Gold" and save the Cheersable moment.

That's right! SodaStream is debuting a limited edition sparkling wine that they say tastes something akin to a fruity Riesling but comes in the form of a concentrated syrup you can add to your sparkling water, according to a press release from the company.

"SodaStream is changing the way people drink," Daniel Birnbaum, CEO of SodaStream, said in the release. "Millions of people around the globe enjoy using SodaStream to transform their ordinary tap water into fresh sparkling water at the touch of a button. Fun and exciting concentrates give more users the opportunity to enjoy and even indulge in festive beverages this holiday season … Cheers!"

When you mix it using the suggested ratio of one part Sparkling Gold to five parts sparkling water, you'll end up with a 10 percent ABV beverage. For comparison, Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label is 12 percent, according to Cheers On Demand.

But Veuve Clicquot is notably harder to stash and chill for impromptu perfect moments.

The taste is reportedly wildly popular -- one study found that 76 percent of Germans either prefer Sparkling Gold to Veuve Clicquot and other popular champagne brands like Moet and Chandon, or they find it comparably enjoyable, notes SodaStream's release.

There's just one little catch, though: at the moment, the sparkling wine is only available at SodaStream Germany's online store. Here's hoping that they release this stuff for their American market soon!