SodaStream's New Commercial Is Super Weird And Long (Video)

When an advertisement does its job, it is not only effective in that it makes you want to buy its product, it is also entertaining. There's a reason so many people tune in during the Superbowl -- it's not to watch football, folks! It's because funny, inspiring or creative advertisements are really dang interesting to watch and discuss.

When they're good, they're really good. And when they're bad, they're confusing and alienating.

Enter SodaStream, a company that just firmly secured its place in the latter category for its new Shame or Glory advertisement.

Essentially a three-minute-long test of my patience rather than a movie, the ad features the SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum as he gets shamed for buying bottled water by Game of Thrones' Hannah Waddingham and Thor Bjornsson.

So, the spot aspires to discourage consumers from hurting the environment by buying oversized water bottles, while also aiming to get buyers interested in purchasing SodaStream's products, only it uses a dated meme, a man in stocks lecturing about the miracles of carbonating still water, and too much of my precious time to achieve that goal.


"I'm sure the little gas canisters you have to use to make your own sparkling water are about as polluting as plastic bottles," one YouTuber commented on the video. Clearly, the ad is divisive in its reception.

Check out SodaStream's video to decide if you like it or not for yourself (below):