Someone Actually Invented A Diet Avocado (Photo)

Someone Actually Invented A Diet Avocado (Photo)

Avocados are the mainstay of today's pop food culture; as a dip, smoothie, condiment, they can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Sometimes mistaken as a vegetable, the avocado has won the reputation for being a fruit par excellence.

Or maybe not, according to Eurobanan's Isla Bonita brand, who has created a new kind of avocado: The Avocado Light.

Diet Avocado

Cosmopolitan reports the dieter's avocados ripen faster, oxidize slower and contains 30 percent less fat than your average grocery store avocado, a claim now certified with a seal by the Spanish Health Foundation's Food Health Program.

BBC reported the avocados were grown under special conditions that yield fruit with less fat but the same nutritional benefits. So, the same avocado we know and love, just lighter on the fat.

The man-made Frankenfruit is being advertised as the ideal preparation for smoothies, gazpachos, cocktails and other dishes and will officially launch at a trade show in Madrid, according to Grub Street. And for now, Eurobanan only plans on selling Avocado Light in grocery stores in Spain.

Avocados contain on average, about 20 to 30 g of fat and 330 calories, but to be clear, avocado has the good kind of fat --  monounsaturated, heart healthy -- and is said to help lower bad cholesterol when eaten in moderation. If you're watching your weight but still want to nutritional benefits of avocados, the Avocado Light is one alternative to consider.

The SlimCado is available in the U.S. and, like the Avocado Light, is a low-calorie alternative. But, its taste is divisive.

Joy Bauer, founder of Nourish Snacks and health and nutrition expert, weighed in on the Avocado Light, and told Today Food that avocados are "pretty much perfect" and that she is a "tad skeptical about fussing with something that's not broken."

The love for avocados is one of sacrifice; a sliced hand from a particularly stubborn pit and a shrinking wallet for every request for extra guac are evidence.

But I think I speak for all, when I say scars and cost aside, we will always cheer on the avocado and give a toast to avo toast!