Someone Invented A Wine Gas Mask (Photos)

Have you ever been so infatuated by a glass of wine that you just want to breathe in its aroma nonstop without ever having to take your nose out of the glass?

If you can relate to this dilemma, an entrepreneur named James Piatt has exactly the gadget that you need (photos below). It's called the Wine Glass Mask (yes, just like a gas mask) and it is designed to seal around your nose and mouth while you sip, allowing you to fully enjoy the intoxicating smell of your wine while you swirl it into your mouth.

"The complex taste of a wine is a combination of smells and flavors," Piatt says on his Kickstarter page, where he is hoping to raise $78,000 to get the gadget into production. "Wine Glass Mask was designed to focus the bouquet and concentrate the smell of fruits, spices, herbs and flowers while controlling the flow of oxygen. As you breathe in you notice an intensified aroma because none of your experience is lost."

The proper way to enjoy a glass of wine, experts say, is to look at the wine first, noting the color and texture, swirl it around in your glass, sniff it, and then have a taste, notes Wine Enthusiast.

Instead of blowing glass and spinning the molten material into a cup shape, Piatt makes his cups by pressing the glass into an ergonomic mold, so that you can do both at the same time.

"Our quality glass factory has already produced a small batch of Wine Glass Masks in glass from a sample mold," he adds. "We are delighted with the results. ... Your wine drinking experience will never be the same."

Starting at $15, you can pledge money to get this project off the ground, and you'll receive your chosen package of Glass Masks, which come in multiple colors and ship anywhere in the world. So far, he has only raised a little more than $1,000, but we have faith that these wonderful devices will make it far in life.

"As red wine breathes wine molecules combine with nitrogen and oxygen in the air," Piatt explains. "The venturi nozzles on the front of the Wine Glass Mask reduce the flow of oxygen and nitrogen and increase their velocity entering the wine aroma mixing chamber as you breathe in. The added air speed lifts more wine vapors off the surface enriching the aroma and flavor."