Sonic Creates Square Shakes Just For Instagram

Sonic Creates Square Shakes Just For Instagram

Fast food giant Sonic announced a cool new campaign for the upcoming Coachella music festival β€” selling square-shaped milkshakes that were designed for Instagram, available only via purchase through the photo-sharing app during the festival.

With the rollout of their new Creamery shakes, featuring flavors like bourbon, lavender and Madagascar vanilla bean, Sonic partnered with chef Christine Flynn to deconstruct the shakes and reassemble them in Instagram-worthy square shapes.

"We wanted to be the first brand, and especially the first food brand, to have a product that was designed for Instagram, offer it exclusively for sale on Instragram, and then deliver that product within minutes of your order on Instagram," Sonic president Todd Smith told AdWeek.

"We're using the platform to really drive the quality story [of these shakes] in a different way."

The shakes are set to be available on April 16th for Coachella attendees. On that date, attendees of the California-based festival will see Sonic ads on Instagram that they can click on and order shakes from directly. Sonic will then use a geo-fence to locate customers and deliver the shakes directly to them.

"Coachella's a cool place for it," marketing agent Margaret Johnson, with Goodby Silverstein & Partners, said. "It's full of young people, for one thing. And it's in the middle of the desert, so what better place to order up an ice-cold, yummy shake?"

How cool is this? If you're a lucky Coachella attendee, make sure to get your hands on one of these delicious square shakes.