Sour Patch Kids Are Turning Up The Heat (Photos)

The new Sour Patch Kids are coming in hot, spicy hot.

Food blogger Candy Hunting was hunting for the newest candy-aisle offerings at the National Association of Convenience Stores show when samples of "Fire Sour Patch Kids" (pictured below) appeared out of the blue. "At first, they taste like normal Sour Patch Kids, but then there's a tiny kick of heat in the aftertaste," the food blogger captioned on Instagram.

"Sour. Sweet. Spicy. Gone." And a mystery too because there is no word yet on when our sour-but-sweet patch kids will turn spicy on us. But Candy Hunting assured us that we won't have to wait for very long.

And thank heavens because weird things happen when the internet is forced to be patient. Like that time when someone on Reddit noticed a completely random easter egg found on a Sour Patch Kids packaging design (pictured below). The Reddit user pointed out: "The orange splotches on the edges of sour patch kids are actually lots of kids." Such accidental discoveries happen only when the mind is on autopilot or there's incomprehensible boredom.

The orange splotches on the edges of sour patch kids are actually lots of kids from mildlyinteresting

But (hopefully) soon, Fiery Patch Kids will join the ranks of other candies-gone-spicy.

"Sweet heat" is all the rage, thanks to the cult obsession around Sriracha sauce. Everyone wants in on the sweet heat trend, including Skittles and Starburst, who both debuted the spicy version of their candies called "Skittles Sweet Heat" and "Starburst Sweet Heat" at the annual Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago. Despite the odd combo, it was a crowd pleaser and we'll all get to try them December 2017. Warheads recently released its new "Hotheads Extreme Heat Worms" as well. The future of candy is no longer sweet, it's spicy.

And that comes to us as a surprise because not too long ago, in a more sweeter world, spicy candies were hard to come by. Hot Tamales and Red Hots were the only two spicy candies to choose from. The rise of spicy candy came relatively recently and gradually; over the years, we've just been able to handle the heat a little bit more. So bring on the heat.