Spam Fries Are Now A Reality!

Spam Fries Are Now A Reality!

Spam has seen our recipes online and turned a dream into reality! Spam Fries! Spam's new product takes the canned meat to the next level.

Spam Fries

The box says it all "fry shaped pork fritters." The fries look a lot like the Spam Patties they released a while back, but instead of being one patty they are cut up into looking like French Fries. Additionally, like the patties that are already selling, the fries and patties are both breaded versions of the canned ham.


The brand has the product on its site as "coming soon", but according to fans it's been spotted in stores and all over social media. Each package contains 4.5 servings, so it can easily become a family favorite. Supplies are limited in stores according to the website, but who knows, checking your local store.

Source: Spam + IG/@je_suis_reine_official + IG/@chello_1983 + IG/dlove_faith_hope