Spice Up Taco Night With 6 Unique Taquito Dishes (Recipes)

Looking for a fun way to shake up Taco Tuesday? An easy crowd-pleasing appetizer plate?

It sounds like you could use a little extra crunch in your life! Why not whip up a plate of taquitos to give your day some crispy flair?

The cool thing about taquitos is that you can make them lower-calorie if you please by baking them (the technique in this recipe is a good one!) or go all out and deep-fry them (this recipe will tell you all you need!), or even just pan-fry them (as outlined in this recipe). The choice is yours!

Want to make a huge plate of these as appetizers? Use tiny tortillas -- like the kind used for street tacos -- or just chop your tortillas in half before you roll them. No matter the tortilla, they'll be tasty.

1. Creamy Jalapeno Chicken Taquitos

Love jalapeno poppers? Add some chicken and spices and wrap them up in tortillas for a fun take on your favorite snack.

2. Avocado Leaf Crusted Tuna Taquitos

With Blood Orange Jalapeno Marmalade and spiced, seared tuna steak (salmon works great too!), it's tough to turn down these delightful tubes of goodness! If you can't find avocado leaves, you can use a bit of crushed bay leaves and a sprinkle of cracked anise seeds.

3. Meatloaf Taquitos

Don't let leftover meatloaf get you down! This dish sounds a bit wild, but I think you'll love the soft, flavorful beef filling! The recipe calls for a flavorful, spicy ketchup, but if you'd rather play up the Tex-Mex aspect of this dish, consider serving them with some homemade queso dip.

4. Baked Honey Lime Chicken Taquitos

Got leftover chicken? Shred it up, toss it with some sweet, tangy sauce and bam! You have yourself a tasty taquito filling.

5. Crab Rangoon Taquitos and Raspberry Salsa

Does it get any more fun or delicious that taking the scrumptious creamy crab filling from one of your favorite appetizers and adding it to your other favorite appetizer? I think not!

6. Apple Pie Taquitos

Don't forget dessert! These simple five-ingredient baked treats are a little too easy to get hooked on! The recipe calls for canned filling, which works wonderfully, but if you want to make your own from scratch, here's how.