Sprite's New Cherry Flavor Sounds So Refreshing

This sounds refreshing and delicious!

Fans of Sprite, rejoice, because your favorite carbonated beverage just got a new flavor upgrade!

Coca-Cola has added a new Sprite Cherry as well as a new Sprite Cherry Zero to its soda-pop line.

We have always loved the taste of cherries paired with lemon-lime, so this seems like a total win for us, and also a sure fan favorite.

"It was a huge ‘a-ha’ moment for us," Bobby Oliver, director, Sprite and citrus brands, Coca-Cola North America, said in a press release. "The fact that cherry was the number-one Sprite flavor mix on Coca-Cola Freestyle inspired us to create an all-new, delicious product for fans in a convenient, on-the-go bottle."

If you live in North America, you can pick up the two new flavors (the only difference between them is that Sprite Cherry Zero has no calories) nationwide in 20-ounce PET bottles.

"Because of its light, clean taste, it provides a great base for customization," Oliver said of Sprite's natural appeal. "Our innovation strategy has focused on staying true to the brand’s core heritage while adding refreshing twists."

The two new additions are not limited time offerings, either, so don't worry about rushing out to the store to taste them before they're gone -- they're set to remain permanently in the Sprite flavor family.

"This growth is being driven by our fans who love the product, the brand and everything Sprite stands for," Oliver concluded. "We’re very excited about the business momentum Sprite has generated over the last few years, and we believe Sprite Cherry and Sprite Cherry Zero will help us keep the brand fresh and continue on this path."