Stalker Bombards Lawyer With Hundreds Of Pizza Pies

When a person offers you something "unsolicited," you already know to prepare yourself for something either annoying, offensive, or both (i.e., advice, nudes, junk mail, parental visits).

Unsolicited food -- free food -- is usually welcomed with open arms and mouth, "usually" being the operative word.

In the case of one frustrated German lawyer, free food comes at a cost.

Lawyer Guido Grolle has been receiving calls from pizza shops night and day for two and a half weeks confirming large orders of pies … that he didn't order.

Called the "pizza stalker," the unidentified prankster has not yet been identified by the police, who have begun investigating Grolle's unusual case. The lawyer has not figured out any reason why he'd be the target of this pizza prank and does not think the prankster is a disgruntled client.

Grolle has reportedly searched for computer viruses or glitches but found no evidence of any code triggering the deliveries. Due to the overwhelming emails and calls from pizza shops confirming orders, the lawyer has also put up a filter on his work email to get work done.

BBC reported that Grolle received 15 pizza delivery orders in the span of 27 minutes, sometimes starting in the early morning before work.

Local restaurants have already caught on, calling Grolle beforehand to confirm his order before processing the order. But that didn't stop the mysterious pizza stalker. Grolle started receiving unsolicited sushi and Greek food as well.

Grolle has filed a complaint with local authorities and is dealing with the incessant orders by turning off his work phone and filtering the flood of incoming email confirmations.

German law states that misusing someone's personal data to order goods is a form of harassment, a sentence that could lead up to three years in jail.

Investigations are still continuing. However, Grolle theorized that the prank is just a case of mistaken identity; Grolle's legal firm shares the same building as a bailiff company.

Still, Grolle's unsolicited pizza deliveries are not the worst things to receive from a total stranger.